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English Copywriting

If you are looking for professional English copywriting, Komm’A can do that job for you. With a background in English Studies and more than 25 years of experience in writing and business, Komm’A will write or adapt any text in English.

Newsletters, Brochures, Case Studies and More

Komm’A has been writing many effective texts, for both web and print, either as renderings of Dutch (draft) copy or as original texts from brief. I particularly work for companies and organisations involved in international, English-speaking markets.

Our Promise

For any job you assign to Komm’A, you may expect me to:

  • give professional advice on your project
  • deliver spot-on text tailored to your message, audience and purpose
  • work exactly on time and budget

Please contact me to find out more or to discuss your project.

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