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English Copywriting

If you are looking for professional English copywriting, Komm�A can do that job for you. With a background in English Studies and more than 25 years of experience in writing and business, Komm�A will write or adapt any text in English.

Newsletters, Brochures, Case Studies and More

Komm�A has been writing many effective texts, for both web and print, either as renderings of Dutch (draft) copy or as original texts from brief. I particularly work for companies and organisations involved in international, English-speaking markets.

Our Promise

For any job you assign to Komm�A, you may expect me to:

  • give professional advice on your project
  • deliver spot-on text tailored to your message, audience and purpose
  • work exactly on time and budget

Please contact me to find out more or to discuss your project.

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